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Peoples Choice - "Awesome Pizzas"

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"Generous toppings arrive with irresistible Taste"

- Best Bites Dining Guide...more

"It's easy: La Bezt is still the best."

- Best Bites Dining Guide...more

"La Bezt is still the best."

- Best Bites Dining Guide...more

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Generous toppings arrive with irresistible Taste

LaBezt Pizza is home to a kingdom of massive donairs and pizzas with towers of toppings soaring inches above the crust to deliver the finest flavours in the entire tri-area.

LaBezt prides its self on making orders upon request using only the freshest bread and their signature secret recipes for their tzatziki sauce, sweet sauce and pizza sauce and their exclusive blend of spices.

With visitors from the tri-area joined by people from St. Albert, Edmonton and as far away as Sherwood Park, it's obvious that LaBezt Donair Pizza provides more than just another donair.

If you're looking for something light you can enjoy the donair salad, which eliminates the bread, but still provides a blend of fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The new Jamaican pizza has soared in popularity as of late with pepperoni, ham, green onions and pineapple joining together to form a world of nirvana inside the mouth of all lucky enough to indulge in pizza from LaBezt.

Owner Ron Sajim thanks the community for all their support mentioning that not only does he have a great location but also the people are truly phenomenal.

"When we are busy, they are very understanding. They know that sometimes you have to wait for great food", said Sajim.

A personal favourite of co-owner Julia Sajim from LaBezt is the loaded pizza because of it's beautiful taste. The loaded pizza is a striking display with it's ham towers protruding off the oven-warmed crust and generous supply of delicious vegetables covering the melting cheese, its no wonder the pizza barely fits into the box as it's kept warm for hungry guests.

LaBezt holds itself to a strict standard because when they are making a world-class donair or a state of the art pizza, it's not just for the customer; it's for them as well.

"We want food that has mouths watering before someone even tastes it".

LaBezt Donair Pizza is located at 636 King Street in Spruce Grove

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It's easy: La Bezt is still the best.

In just its first few months in business in Spruce Grove, La Bezt has already made a name for itself for its ability to emphasize both quality and quantity in its food.

Take, for instance, the restaurant's soon-to-be famous pizza: while most pizza places are quick to offer 2-for-1 specials, La Bezt essentially turns a single pizza into a 2-in-1. These pizzas are loaded! LaBezt boasts easily the most decked out pizzas in Parkland County, and likely even the province.

Owners Ron Sajim and Julieta Jammal simply refuse to skimp on the toppings. Whether it's a Meat Lovers pizza that finds room for pepperoni, bacon, beef Italian sausage and ham, or the use of halved mushrooms that simply explode in your mouth, La Bezt is taking the traditional pizza in a bold and delicious ne direction.

Of course, it would all be pointless if these pizzas weren't delicious, but that's simply not a worry at La Bezt, where the flavour comes first.

Not only does La Bezt employ fresh dough made daily with the freshest of ingredients, but the restaurant's roster of homemade sauces ensure that every dish has the potential to be the diner's favourite.

For example, the sweet sauce that accompanies La Bezt's donair (and it's corresponding - and mouth-wateringly delicious - pizza) adds a tantalizingly rich flavour to the savoury delight.

After topping off your pizza (no small feat, two slices could easily satisfy even the heartiest of appetites), make sure to save room their the European Sweet Delight, a cinnamon-speckled dessert pizza that is simple, but endlessly addictive.

In addition to its pizzas and donairs, La Bezt also offers a wide variety of other dishes like their extra-filling poutine (using homemade fries) and their dry and ultra-spicy take on hot wings. This month the Grove restaurant offers a special that will provide ne diners an opportunity to see what La Bezt does best - a large pizza with three toppings plus a combination of hot wings, dry ribs, and an 8 inch garlic stick for less that $25!

Of course, La Bezt's owners don't limit their contributions to just food. Sajim and Jammal are showing their commitment to the community be getting involved and helping those in need.

"We need to help each other out," said Sajim. "We live with the community. If we don't support them, what have we got?" To show this, La Bezt will be raffling off a bike on Dec 21 with all proceeds going to the Food Bank.

This, along with their delicious food, is the reason why La Bezt is simply the best.

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La Bezt is still the best.

From St. Albert to Sherwood Park, it seems that every corner of the region appears to want a piece of what Spruce Grove's LaBezt Pizza and Donair has to offer.

With the freshest ingredients and homemade donair and pizza sauces, the minute one tastes the mouth watering dishes that LaBezt delivers, it's easy to see whey they are in constant demand in the tri area.

With a wide-open, sparkling clean environment, the first-class meals are created right in front of the client for an open view at the gigantic orders.

The meals are truly worth every penny, yet the unmatched treatment doesn't end with the meal. A free European sweet delight is provided with every pizza order.

If you can't make it down to LaBezt, it is no issue because they provide free deliver to ensure everyone is provided with the best pizza or donair food in the tri area.

LaBezt doubles the toppings on every pizza ensuring that a tower of the freshest and highest quality if ingredients embody the thing crusted pizza of the customers' choosing.

Disappointment does not exist in the LaBezt vocabulary because when the owners Ron Sajim and Julia Jammal are serving up these freshly made meals, they are cooking as though they are cooking for their family.

A Shop that has embraced the Spruce Grove community, LaBezt wants to ensure that everyone leaves more than satisfied and will agree that LaBezt truly is the best pizza and donair shop in town.

Make sure to visit for the monthly specials, the menu and catering services provided.